A new dawn in dental microscopy


I have always been interested in magnification…when I started my dental career far in 2003 I immediately realized that naked eye was not enough…as soon as possible I bought an x4 loupes and I started to work with this.. a new world of details, crack, accuracy was possible, I was happy!

After 2 years with loupes, I took an endodontic course in Rome and there I met the microscope…I started to practice with it on extracted teeth and the idea of bringing it in my practice started to blow in my mind but it was very expensive…
It stayed on my mind for more than one year, after that I have a stroke of madness and I bought one. I clearly remind it arrived on a cold day in February of 2006. I clearly remind How I was excited to start this new adventure.
I clearly remind how I was fully committed to introducing it in every branch of dentistry inside my office…and moreover…
I clearly remind how it was hard to really introduce it…I was very frustrated..only endodontic was really manageable due to a quite static working position; according to the cases some simple restorative dentistry but when I tried it in prosthetic dentistry and surgery my frustration, day by day, became a defeat…

I tried to overcome this, I put my self on the web, I connected to a magnification forum in the USA, I bought DVD on ergonomics and positioning and I found a lot of uncomfortable position…so uncomfortable that the quality of my work was better with loupes!!!!

I slowly started to reduce its use…in prosthetic only for polishing margins, to check the accuracy of my crowns..in surgery almost nothing.

I limited its use to the endodontic field… and the years passed… but when you think that there is no more to do, life can surprise you… a small part of my mind was still looking for a SOLUTION to this issue…

Looking around the web I met dr. Mazza’s website.
He was claiming to do everything under the scope…I have to admit I was really skeptical….me too was able to do surgery with the scope but the fatigue for me and the patient and the necessary time was so high that it was only a show to get a movie and nothing to do with the real working life.
I started however to follow his page and his work…

One day i read an article on his blog, talking about the issue that the so-called entry level scope, like mine, wasn’t entry level products ……but somewhat “exit game” products…the lack of working distance and the maneuverability was the real killer of the learning curve.

After that article, I took a decision …I had to meet that man… I had to see him working in his office, I had to understand better this issue…

I went to Milano to his office and I was stoked…this guy really did his stuff under the scope…extraction, implants, connective grafting, immediate loading….. I immediately realize that the fixed distance of my scope and its reduced maneuverability killed my practice, the same day I ordered a new scope with adjustable working distance, electric zooming, and a precise system of motion thanks to some magnetic brakes.

During my waiting for the scope, I kept in touch with Dr. Mazza, he joined the group I have founded together with dr Pasquale Venuti, we started to share some ideas and, thanks to a dental course I organized in my town, he accepted my invitation and came to my town….

There are the things in the life that may be called coincidences….but who knows if they are really coincidences…

During the same days dr. Mazza was in Syracuse my scope arrived…..I waited for it 2 months and a half, I ordered it when I went to Milano, and it arrived the same day of his arrival to Syracuse…

He came to my office on Saturday and helped me with the setting and the balancing ….

On Sunday I went to my office in the afternoon to play with the scope and get familiar with the knobs.

On Sunday night I was thrilled…and afraid…I was afraid to have the same result and delusion of the old scope after a so expensive charge to buy the new one.

Monday arrived….I finished the day and I did all my work under scope …my loupes stayed on their drawer.

Tuesday…the same…

Wed….Thurs…..Fri…. all the week …

It’s the dawn of a new period.

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