6 hours a week, alone, training


This is how I have been doing my Training past one year since this pandemic started . No friends , no meetings, no music …..just the company of a washing and drying machine .
This is my 20 square meters garage just below my office .
Many ask me how I manage my boredom. The answer is crystal clear in my mind : “how do we manage our life with just enthusiasm and fun?”
Everything is about understanding our human nature and balancing it to reach our final goals.
When we start something new we experience the “New toy period ” : Less effort, less results , over enthusiasm.
It’s like when we start to learn a new foreign language or join a new gym or any other new activity. They all look soooo interesting. It’s almost magical. We can see the future so clearly doing all these very easily and with great results.
Over a period of time, things change …in a bad way .We go through the “Old toy period”. The magic of the “newness” and its enthusiasm start to fade out ….. We start increasing effort , but results are not what we expected. They are slowwww.
Here is where most of the people, after a while give up….cause this phase is tiring …because it makes us think that we are doing something wrong or have no talent .
But the real magic is just after , it’s when we start to master something….. the results become appreciable . This is where the enthusiasm comes back . This is when we start to see the goal but we see something more important than the goal ….we start to fall in love with the process itself. This is the real “Magic”. Not the goal in itself, but the process which leads us to achieve that goal. That’s Magic….. Pure Magic.
Because we find a deep meaning in every small detail of the process.
I learnt to love lifting weights because this sport doesn’t give away presents …never .
The cold iron barbell is always there on the floor staring at me asking for effort ,hardwork, sweat, focus and thousands of repetitions before the improvement in my performance.
Of course the same is true with other activities , running , cycling , swimming…and dentistry.
I perfectly remember the time spent doing photos and checking them every night after dinner on my computer …I was comparing my photos with the photos of renowned speakers trying to highlight all the differences.
My photos were almost the same every day , every month…but slowly something changed.
Results finally arrived.
So everything is about going through the tough “old toy period“ cause if our practice and focus are not well directed, we can lose ourselves and our motivation.
We can cross a desert step by step but not without a compass.
Our compass is the knowledge of people better skilled than us ….our motivation to share the path with people similar to us.
So if you want to shorten your critical phase , jump into the “magic period “ and improve your dentistry come with us on tomorrow tooth study club where we discuss cases and techniques , where you can share your cases and mistakes without inhibitions and receive real feedbacks. Click here for your subscription https://www.tomorrowtooth.org/educational/?ref=447
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Ready for your “magic”?
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