Value of documentation


What is the value of documentation?

Fold a piece of paper , put it around the small flash  attacked to that long bracket  on your camera …and you will obtain a softer light  for stunning photos . 

But if you want more it should be mandatory to put  a third light n order to balance shadows …this is especially important when you want to do artistic portrait ….of course just in the final photos where you want to put a special emphasis on the finished work .

Initial full face photos have to be made with cold straight light so that the before /after is charged with  a special effect .

But this is not enough …not all the available rubber dam on the market reflect the light of the flash in the same way so be careful to select the right one..usually the light blue nictone is a great choice .

Now everything it’s up to your artistic side to mix in the photo the right instruments and the right color …try to think to the wonderful contrast of colors when you mix the white teflon with some drops of water and a nice purple etchant on a blue background (the nictone)……wanna more tips ? 

Today’s dental world is full of courses about dental photography , you can spend 2 days learning all the tip and tricks behind   a nice photo …I did these courses and i also enjoyed doing these but I realized after a while that there is a problem … a huge one .

There is nothing wrong behind the desire to improve our photographic skill , but sometimes we start to run behind this goal forgetting the real aim of the documentation.

I understood that the same equipment we have in our office for doing photos can serve different goals….

To improve the beauty of our photos so that even a anonymous case without any special clinical meaning may become interesting for the eye of the viewer , this is the typical congress scenario where we select super clean patients  with perfect soft tissues , we select reliable procedures and we spend  a good amount of extra time in order to collect these photos and show them to the world in order to boost our ego …most of these cases in my experience are like snapshots . Time zero just  with delivery or very short follow up is  the typical case . 

Looking at these cases is like looking a movie at the cinema…beautiful yet not so useful for our real working life.

But the same equipment can do something different …it can records the life and history of that treatment for  a long period , years , also more than 10-15 years in some cases , maybe more …sharing informations , sharing what is working after these years and what has failed …giving valuable informations allowing us to grasp  a part of the truth we  are looking for . 

The big problem of dentistry is the delayed feedback….when we play golf , we immediately see the result of our action , and in a day we can adjust our attempts many times looking at the final outcome . 

In dentistry instead most of the times we see the result of our action after years and , without a documentation , everything is lost . Doing dentistry without documentation is like going around a ocean  without trying to draw  a map : the easier outcome is to go around without a destination .

Showing cases with long follow up is the most useful thing (especially with failures ) we can do in order to allow people to develop ideas and test their actual ones.

If you wanna test your ideas under the proof of time there is just one thing you have to do : you have to start to use your camera now , tomorrow , the day after and so on for years … and like a cultivated land soon or later you will be ready to harvest something ..your experience , your truth !

ON 19-20 may  and 20-21 June I will share my +20 years “documented “ experience on what I learnt in prosthetic dentistry sharing the “Vertical Technique “ ,the real workhorse of my office .June is fully booked .  there is just one place left in May . Book it on sending an email to info@studiomaiolino.net

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