A Great Educational Month and what’s next!

In the last 6 weeks I’ve run 4 courses , two were vertical courses in english , one Bioclear Posterior course in Italian , and a virtual Bioclear anterior course .. a great educational month!!
I wanna thank all the attendants of these courses cause in each course I got some interesting ideas in order to improve the next editions!
Ideas related to my favourite topic : real daily dentistry . Far from the fake scenario of some courses and congresses what I really love is to spread an educational model based on the daily work.
Some speakers may push you toward excellence in dentistry . I am not that kind. What I wanna to improve is your “average “ dentistry , to bring your daily dentistry forward . I just think this is  what we really need!
In July and August I will work editing new ideas and I wanna share with you my calendar after summer holidays . This is the list of the event where you can meet me .

30 sept -1-2- october Prod Up Milan

Most of you already know I am really interested in extraclinical skills , soft skills . Organization , management , marketing become fundamental pillars for any office willing to thrive today . It’s one year and half I am working with  an amazing guy , Marco Belzani  , expert in this field from 15 years , building something new . Prod up is Marco Belzani ’s event focused on personal and office ’s productivity . i will be one of the speakers and i will tutor all the dentists at the event  in order to “translate”  concepts used in bigger companies to our field.The event is in Italian with live translation in English .
Marco Belzani will run  a 3 hours  webinar for free on 14 of July  . We have been able to organize a live translation in english so all , italians and english are invited . Follow this link and welcome to this webinar https://lp.prodability.com/en/lp-academy-planning-july-2022-dentists
7 October: Bioclear course for Italians (many have asked a bioclear course for foreigners , I am planning a 2 days course covering basic and advanced cases for the end of the year
22-23 October: Brno Czech republic. 2 days vertical course in English   (First day lecture , second day half day hands on for limited attendees)
12 November 2022  Varese , italy . 1 day course (only lecture ) on Restorative (posterior and anterior ) in Italian
25-26 November: Vertical course III edition of 2022 for foreigners  (English language )
January 2023: Bordeaux (France ) for a vertical course .

I hope to see at one of these events! 

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