The frustration of the dentistry we ve been taught

When I started attending courses I think that the word that represented better my feelings was frustration .

At the beginning the frustration was easier to accept cause it was related to a lack of technical skill…

“I just had to exercise exercise, struggle for a while and i will succeed” …that was my inner voice motivating me along the journey.

So I started my journey learning to place properly the rubber dam, learning to use sectional matrices, learning to layer composites….I attended many courses in order to improve my technical skill and after some time I was getting quite good….yet frustration was always there …

My cases were seldom similar to the cases I was looking going at courses and congresses.

In these places most of the cases were ideal cases …crowns fully erupted, teeth aligned, cervical margins easy to isolate with the rubber dam cause never subgingival, abundant enamel on the cervical margin .

My cases, my everyday ones …were much more challenging…wide inter proximal spaces that no matrix was able to cover, subgingival margins making the isolation so tough and, there after, the never-ending fight between the matrix unable to seal and the wedge deforming and collapsing the matrix. 

Time was also an issue cause layering was a complex procedure and time consuming.

So if the frustration of my early stage was easy to overcome, the later was tougher …

Cause it was related to the kind of patients and teeth I had in my office …

My scenario was never the ideal one I was doing at my perfection courses..

My feeling after a while was that even if my “ideal “ technical skill was good, the daily “field “ was damned…

I had the feeling like a F1 driver forced to drive in a street full of holes…unable to express his potential and skill….literally stopped by a battered road..

Being short daily frustration was the norm ….the distance between my daily work and what I was expecting was wide .

I spent years in this kind of scenario….before solving this unpleasant state….

The first step I did in improving my emotions was a day when i was looking at an olympic athlete training in an average day .

He was a weightlifter and he was training his lifts…but he was lifting much less than his actual maximum..

I started getting curious about how professional athletes train and I understood that they NEVER perform at a top level always…they train themselves at, let’s say, cycles of load between 70 and 90% of their maximum and they perform at their maximum just on some selected days.

Maximum performance is not something you can do really every day …it’s the peak of performance, not the average result.

I realized that even in dentistry is the same ..we claim to perform at our best everyday but it’s not realistic…

So I started questioning what was a good and acceptable and realistic daily routine ?

Something that made possible going back home with a smile my face, proud of the working day, satisfied .

Satisfied like a professional athlete going back home after his training day knowing that despite being below their maximum performance, the training day was a productive and proficient one.

So I started a slow process of rethinking all my goals…

so it was not about placing a rubber dam in a perfect way but it was perfectly ok as long as I was able to work in a dry environment.

It was not about using super colors and doing fancy anatomy but doing a good contact point .

I started changing my goals and priorities and, almost without any will, in the same time I started redesigning my idea of dentistry.

An idea of what really dentistry is …of what is really achievable on a daily basis .

AN idea of dentistry that allowed me to become satisfied with most of my working days.

An idea of dentistry that, I discovered along the path, is also much easier to match with patient requests.

So i found that my dentistry was not only real dentist-centered but also more patient centered.

I realized that many times we indulge in a sort of self -congratulation cause we have been able to follow the “protocol”, the “gold standard “ : We feel ourselves satisfied and “protected” in our ability to work according to “academic rules “.

Yet I realized that the sentence “ Surgery was perfect yet the patient died “ is something we can say also to our treatments …perfect shoulders with crown breaking after 5-7 years, endodontic treatment straight to the apex with the precision of a sniper collapsing after some years for other complications.

I realized that we have different definitions of success ..and each definition is related to the desired outcome.Outcome may be related to the adherence to the protocol like a endodontic treatment erfectly at the apex, or outcome may be related to patient’s perception and needs.

What I found along my journey is that the road of focusing on a patient centered outcome was also the road to a better practice and much more satisfying.

All my dentistry is designed around this concept .

Vertical prep, bioclear restorations are just the technical expressions of my thought. They may change in the time. But now they represent the best technique allowing me to follow my goal. 

A patient centered practice. 

No frustration.
Pure satisfaction.

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Last vertical course for 2022 is planned for 25-26 November

A Great Educational Month and what’s next!

In the last 6 weeks I’ve run 4 courses , two were vertical courses in english , one Bioclear Posterior course in Italian , and a virtual Bioclear anterior course .. a great educational month!!
I wanna thank all the attendants of these courses cause in each course I got some interesting ideas in order to improve the next editions!
Ideas related to my favourite topic : real daily dentistry . Far from the fake scenario of some courses and congresses what I really love is to spread an educational model based on the daily work.
Some speakers may push you toward excellence in dentistry . I am not that kind. What I wanna to improve is your “average “ dentistry , to bring your daily dentistry forward . I just think this is  what we really need!
In July and August I will work editing new ideas and I wanna share with you my calendar after summer holidays . This is the list of the event where you can meet me .

30 sept -1-2- october Prod Up Milan

Most of you already know I am really interested in extraclinical skills , soft skills . Organization , management , marketing become fundamental pillars for any office willing to thrive today . It’s one year and half I am working with  an amazing guy , Marco Belzani  , expert in this field from 15 years , building something new . Prod up is Marco Belzani ’s event focused on personal and office ’s productivity . i will be one of the speakers and i will tutor all the dentists at the event  in order to “translate”  concepts used in bigger companies to our field.The event is in Italian with live translation in English .
Marco Belzani will run  a 3 hours  webinar for free on 14 of July  . We have been able to organize a live translation in english so all , italians and english are invited . Follow this link and welcome to this webinar
7 October: Bioclear course for Italians (many have asked a bioclear course for foreigners , I am planning a 2 days course covering basic and advanced cases for the end of the year
22-23 October: Brno Czech republic. 2 days vertical course in English   (First day lecture , second day half day hands on for limited attendees)
12 November 2022  Varese , italy . 1 day course (only lecture ) on Restorative (posterior and anterior ) in Italian
25-26 November: Vertical course III edition of 2022 for foreigners  (English language )
January 2023: Bordeaux (France ) for a vertical course .

I hope to see at one of these events! 

Expectations in dentistry

Peter Lynch, one of the best investors of our time said : “if you’re terrific in this business, you’re right 6 times out of 10”. 

This sentence started to rumble in my mind. . cause I started to think about our expectations. . and how they have to be adjusted to the field we are working.  

If you re driving a plane for example you must be perfect every time. . and that is what in that field they achieved. . one accident every 1,4 million of flights.  

This ratio of course shapes your expectations. 

But there are other fields like investing for example where as Peter Lynch said you get a huge number of mistakes. . so your expectations in this case, even if high, have to be adjusted to the reality of your field.  

There are also other fields ,we can say, where you can be at least pretty good nearly all the time.  A restaurant chef, let’s say. 

And where is dentistry and medicine in this puzzle ? 

Statistics say that we are really far from perfection, the number of medical mistakes is scary. 

The problem our case is the gap between our expectations and world’s expectations. 

Science in the last century has surged to the ultimate authority.  Sort of error-free … so doing errors in this field you will find scarce understanding…. much easier you will be blamed. 

Often the first who will blame is yourself . 

Our expectations elevated to the impossible level of perfection in a field where perfection doesn’t exists. 

We have to change our mindset. 

We are much similar to a restaurant chef. 

We have to be pretty good nearly all the time.  

I work everyday in a private practice and I work with patients, ON patients, I work with my staff, other dentists and yes…despite my 20 years of dentistry i always find small imperfections in my cases. Do I like them ? NO, Do I accept them ?  finally yes. 

But we have another problem…

The problem is that we are surrounded by a multitude of perfect cases.  …you go to courses and congresses, you open your mobile on facebook and instagram. 

Perfect cases everywhere, complex cases solved in an exquisite way.  

Flawless.  Period.  

The biggest fraud of our time.  

Cherry picking the top 1% of dental practice and show it as a “normal routine”.  

It’s not the cherry picking itself the problem…. many famous comic actors test their jokes in small clubs before doing their great show in TV for example.  

They test their 1000 jokes in order to select the best 20 for doing a great show.  

But nobody will argue about this …indeed people will approve this behavior. 

So it’s not being against cherry picking. . it’s about the underlying meaning. 

In dentistry we show our finest selection pretending it’s daily routine.  

In dentistry we learn protocols and procedures with the claim they can control all the clinical situations. 

So you come back from your last course and you find the old patient, with many drugs and medications, anxious, small opening, financial limitations and all your “science “ disappears. . 

We have to be realistic about our field and build correct expectations. 

We are not in the aviation sector.  

We are like the restaurant chef. 

We have to be pretty good nearly all the time. 

So much better to learn things raising our technical’s level from 6 maybe to 8 that learning something with a 10 yet applicable in selected cases. 

There is why in the last 20 years of work I moved a lot in my dentistry.  

Being competitive and results oriented by nature in the past I ve been running for years the wrong race looking for the “ best “ cases with the most fascinating techniques. 

After I stopped. 

I started simplifying procedures and trying to make them applicable in the daily routine as much as possible cause that is what I really care. . to improve my daily life and not the single day when you do the perfect case. 

Because now it’s clear what I do …clear my expectations: to be at least pretty good nearly all the time. 

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Value of documentation

What is the value of documentation?

Fold a piece of paper , put it around the small flash  attacked to that long bracket  on your camera …and you will obtain a softer light  for stunning photos . 

But if you want more it should be mandatory to put  a third light n order to balance shadows …this is especially important when you want to do artistic portrait ….of course just in the final photos where you want to put a special emphasis on the finished work .

Initial full face photos have to be made with cold straight light so that the before /after is charged with  a special effect .

But this is not enough …not all the available rubber dam on the market reflect the light of the flash in the same way so be careful to select the right one..usually the light blue nictone is a great choice .

Now everything it’s up to your artistic side to mix in the photo the right instruments and the right color …try to think to the wonderful contrast of colors when you mix the white teflon with some drops of water and a nice purple etchant on a blue background (the nictone)……wanna more tips ? 

Today’s dental world is full of courses about dental photography , you can spend 2 days learning all the tip and tricks behind   a nice photo …I did these courses and i also enjoyed doing these but I realized after a while that there is a problem … a huge one .

There is nothing wrong behind the desire to improve our photographic skill , but sometimes we start to run behind this goal forgetting the real aim of the documentation.

I understood that the same equipment we have in our office for doing photos can serve different goals….

To improve the beauty of our photos so that even a anonymous case without any special clinical meaning may become interesting for the eye of the viewer , this is the typical congress scenario where we select super clean patients  with perfect soft tissues , we select reliable procedures and we spend  a good amount of extra time in order to collect these photos and show them to the world in order to boost our ego …most of these cases in my experience are like snapshots . Time zero just  with delivery or very short follow up is  the typical case . 

Looking at these cases is like looking a movie at the cinema…beautiful yet not so useful for our real working life.

But the same equipment can do something different …it can records the life and history of that treatment for  a long period , years , also more than 10-15 years in some cases , maybe more …sharing informations , sharing what is working after these years and what has failed …giving valuable informations allowing us to grasp  a part of the truth we  are looking for . 

The big problem of dentistry is the delayed feedback….when we play golf , we immediately see the result of our action , and in a day we can adjust our attempts many times looking at the final outcome . 

In dentistry instead most of the times we see the result of our action after years and , without a documentation , everything is lost . Doing dentistry without documentation is like going around a ocean  without trying to draw  a map : the easier outcome is to go around without a destination .

Showing cases with long follow up is the most useful thing (especially with failures ) we can do in order to allow people to develop ideas and test their actual ones.

If you wanna test your ideas under the proof of time there is just one thing you have to do : you have to start to use your camera now , tomorrow , the day after and so on for years … and like a cultivated land soon or later you will be ready to harvest something ..your experience , your truth !

ON 19-20 may  and 20-21 June I will share my +20 years “documented “ experience on what I learnt in prosthetic dentistry sharing the “Vertical Technique “ ,the real workhorse of my office .June is fully booked .  there is just one place left in May . Book it on sending an email to

The Paradox of choice in dentistry

Would you like a shop where you can choose just between Coke and Pepsi?

Would you prefer more choices or fewer ?!? the intuitive answer is always one : MORE !  and , for the same reason ,  business owner run behind this idea offering several variations  of a product trying to meet the expectations of different kind of customers..yet is there a threshold to the amount of choices  or not? 

A very famous experiment at Columbia university evaluated the effect of choice on a simple product : fruit jams . 

They organized two different kind of selling : in one just 6 flavors , in the other 24 …4 times more . 

Intuitively you expect that the larger assortment would attract more people and sell more product.

Yet data are counterintuitive . 

The larger assortment attracted 50% more people but , the amount of buyers was scarce .Just 3% bought something .

The smaller assortment instead sold to 30% of potential customers . …10 times more !

Too many choices can create more indecision , friction ; the customer got  lost pondering options, maybe he get away  trying to decide  thinking to come back later ..but often he doesn’t.

There is a threshold in the number of choices and in every field this changes. 

For Jams is clear that 24 is worst than 6 but in dentistry ?!?

I see many colleagues following the golden rule to “inform “ the patient  on his/her  situation trying to explain advantages and disadvantages  of every treatment plan …

We know that the amount of possible treatment plan in dentistry , especially in complex cases is wide…removable or fixed ? bone regeneration or short implants ? Connective tissue graft or just some  composite on some recessions ? on and on …we can spend so much time describing pro and cons of each treatment …and , last but not least , do we wanna talk about the economical side of the treatment ?!? we can move from  a cheap removable treatment to a complex and expensive rehabilitation . 

In dentistry , moreover , i realized that the dentist and the patient play a sort of Killer game . The dentist starts to explain the different plans highlighting pro and cons , the patient has some problems understanding exactly the meaning of these pro and cons so he start placing some questions . But more questions lead to  a bigger amount of other informations , other pro and cons.

Complexity raise , comprehension doesn’t.

In the Barry Schwartz book “ the paradox of choice “  this approach has been tested in the field of salesman . The result is that the information oriented approach increases the likelihood of refusal up to 50% .

Much more effective is instead the prescriptive approach where the patient/customer is guided toward a specific solution that has worked in a  very similar situation 

Using this approach the results are stunning , this increases the likeliness of purchasing ease by 82%  and also drops the probability of buyer remorse by 37%.

It’s a win win scenario of managed in an ethic way .

The patient is driven in a comfortable way to a solution without the hassle to feel the weight of decisions in fields where he has zero expertise.

The dentist raise his acceptance ability  but at a cost . 

The weight of responsibility is shifted on us . 

I started using this approach long ago , after reading books and testing different approaches  with patients. 

In my office I can guarantee that this approach works much better but we have to change completely our approach.

We have to learn how to interview the patient , we have to learn how to listen at the patient , we have to learn how to understand the person behind  failing teeth  or missing ones…and  we have to accept the weight of being responsible for the choice .

Giving choices to people is easier …we don’t choose , they do . 

Giving one solution , they don’t choose , we do …and we can do mistakes also , and we have no one to blame apart ourselves . 

In the past I was not sure how to move between these two approaches , sometimes I was trying to combine them .

With time , yet , I realized that using the first approach most of the patients were deciding just on an emotional basis …some were accepting , by default , the most expensive treatment  ( believing this was the best ) . Some , confused , afraid to make a mistake , were deciding the cheapest one or they were just saying the most hated words : Thank you doctor , i will decide in the next day and will let you know.

I realized that in this unbalanced relation we doctors have with patients using the first approach the number of mistakes was much higher .

The second approach  was , eventually , more precise .

So I started removing PLAN a , PLAN b , PLAN c , I started trying getting really interested at the  person in front of me and I started being easier and essential in my communication regarding dental details and spending more time on relational /behavioural /time  needs and expectations.

And , again , I learned that everything in life is not absolute . Every thing we meet in our life has a correct measure …not too little , not too much . 

Not enough choices is a problem like too many choices . 

Not enough freedom is a problems like too much freedom , leading to what se wee nowadays in modern countries where the excess of freedom , paradoxically , has brought a sense of losing social and familiar connections  and has  created more loneliness and depression than ever.

Not doing mistakes is  a problem like doing too many .

Everything has a balance .

Life can only  be understood backwards , but it must be lived forwards.

P.s. if you’re still struggling deciding which prosthetic technique choose , I will solve your problem 🙂 Just have a look at my brand new “in person “ course in Syracuse about vertical prep!

Coming back home with great NEWS

Just back from Scottsdale, Arizona where I lectured about deep margins and their managmeent pushing the boundaries of saving teeth and …GREAT NEWS !

Me and David Clark have decided to open a Bioclear learning center in Italy, the 5th in the world!

Bioclear material will be also available for the market here. So stay tuned …soon we will organize practical courses on this method…cause the Bioclear stuff is not just a restorative kit but a real philosophy of patient centered dentistry!


Bioclear Summit 2022 – Scottsdale, Arizona



I’am excited to invite you to attend the return of an in-person Bioclear Alumni Summit, to be held at the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa in Scottsdale. The theme this year is “Come Together,” where i will be one of the many summit presenter with my personal pitch.

An invitation-only event, the Summit brings together an elite group of Bioclear Alumni dentists and staff, acute engineers, innovators, and forward-thinking dental professionals. It’s an opportunity to grow your expertise and bring back to your practice the latest advances in the Bioclear Method.

See you at Scottsdale!

Where It’s At

Scottsdale, Arizona


FEBRUARY 3 – 5, 2022

More at

Vertical 3.0 Hands On

We restart this 2022 with a brand new edition of the vertical course .

We have started a different format in order to give a deeper understanding of the vertical technique. Before attending the course you will receive all the needed knowledge with 2 video course with +14 hours of content about both office and laboratory workflow .

Charged with these informations you will dive in a 2 days live course with a strict focus on hands on ; you will prepare different kind of teeth , scan them , evaluate corrections and learn all tip and tricks for a long term outcome under the strict supervision of DDS Marco Maiolino and DT Emanuele Tarascio .We have chosen to limit the number of attendees to 4 in order to give the best tutoring possible.

You will reline and finish provisionals using the shell technique.

The second day you will do with the aid of a microscope the main steps of the lab workflow in order to be able to communicate properly with your technician and avoid the usual lab mistakes we have observed in the last years, both in the digital and analogue workflow.

You will learn how to avoid high crowns , how to manage the delivery of crowns and the main checks you need to observe.You will also see the real execution of a case of yours milling a monolithic zirconia crown , a real one you will bring back home with you for a real delivery together with the bur’s kit in order to start immediately to perform vertical preparations. All breaks and meals are included during the 2 days including a social dinner at the end of the first day.

Eager to see you in Siracusa !For further informations contact us at

Request informations

The unbearable loneliness of dental failures

It was a very standard implant surgery, bone was enough, CBCT was done, Nothing neglected.

I did with a firm hand an incision in the top of the keratinized tissue, I sculpted my flap, drilled my holes and placed two implants.
Torque around 50 newton, great stability, Placed healing caps and sutured everything.
Everything was fine ..maybe not, The patient after 3 days started complaining about a lingering pain in that area, I practice from 20 years now so I hear everyday complaining patients about oral pain so, unless I have some doubts, I am quite unsensitive to these kind of reports.
I reassured him that was normal part of that kind of surgery, gave more pain killers and immediately moved my mind to another task.

After one week pain was still there, still persistent, Patient showed a certain degree on anxiety talking on phone so i asked him to come to the office for a check up, I did a cbct again in order to check the implant placement …fine. No signs of anything, no infection, nothing at all .
Moved to stronger painkillers and reassured the patient ….just in order to make him feel more quiet I gave him my my mobile number .

Patient called, he was not able to bear the pain despite the strong painkillers I gave him, He was already on tramadol by several days going up in dose every day, He literally prayed me to remove these implants..his voice was excruciating, I said yes.

Got to the office in the silence of Sunday, nobody around there obviously, I switched on some equipment, got ready the anesthesia. Patient came in,
I did the injection, a simple buccal injection and some drops lingually and took the ratchet for remove these implants …it was a matter of seconds in my mind, just unscrew and after with a manual screwdriver remove them, Really…

As soon as I put the ratchet on the head of the first implant patient moved away whimpering, He started shaking, His mandible doing short quick movements up and down Anesthesia didn’t work. I did another cartridge buccally and lingually, arthicain.

I tried to unscrew, I did half a turn before the patient again whimpered back in the dental chair.

I reassured him that now I would have scaled up anesthetic in order to get rid of the pain.

I did a IAN block with the conventional technique, I spent few mins and, to be safe, I added another cartridge with a different axis, a GOW Gates Injection …I do both of these when I deal with irreversible pulpits on lower molars with great success, so I was really confident to be successful.

Lip well numbed, tongue too …numbness in his mid face .

I took the ratchet, went on the second implant, unscrewed a turn and again unbearable pain .

I had performed in the past already Endodontics treatments, extractions on this guy and he was anything than a guy easy to complain .

Both implants were loose now, torque gone..I used the manual screwdriver and did another turn …pain.

I tried doing a sort of intraligamentary injection in the space between the implant and the hole but with very limited success…

We went on doing a turn inflicting pain and waiting a few mins to recover from pain between any single attempt .

45 mins of hell and sweating later we did it ..

Patient went home, I literally felt on a chair…I was mentally exhausted.

I felt a sense of shame like a burning pain, Not guilt: guilt is what you feel when you do something wrong, this was shame : I was what was wrong….didn’t I recognize somethign important in that surgery ?!? I went over and over on my memory trying to collect any small strange detail…
Not to be able to give a good explanation I started becoming plagued by self doubt.

The day after I had to do again an implant surgery, again an easy one.
I started doing the flap as usual, my hands were firm as usual, yet my hearth rate was not the usual one …it was up .
I was clearly feeling the blood pumping in my head ..almost like a headache backed by the sound of a drum playing inside .
I started imagining new complications…everything was fine but my mind was desperately looking for any sign of anomaly than may lead to any complication or failure.
For few instants my desire has been to put down the surgical instrument and stop .
It ’s painful to accept the limitations of our knowledge, the feeling to be out there working like naked, without the warm cloth of the certainty .
Yet I recognize that this fear is what makes me still after 20 years think before doing, analyzing things when something goes wrong, this is what makes me empathic with the patient and makes me human.

Feeling nothing in these situations, covering what has happened under a thick layer of denial, that the fault is somewhere else is even worst, These makes us cold machines but unable to learn something, fucking stupid machines.

When I read about aviation where the rate of fatal mistakes has been raised to one every 1,4 millions, or to bank transactions where the mistake rate is negligible I feel a loser .

Yet I acknowledge that this is my game field, I didn’t the rules, I am just a player trying to do my best,

What makes everything tough to sustain yet is that most of us dentists live in a small private yet isolated microcosm, our dental office,

In most of the cases when we are in the operators with the patient and we struggle we raise our eyes and we see only the assistant’s ones unable to help .
When everything finish and the patient is away we are left alone with our feeling of shame and our questions …questions left unanswered.

We go back home but nobody really understand our small damned world, nor our family, nor our friends…we are alone .

Each one of us alone in its struggle, you connect online to find answers and you find yourself overwhelmed by an ocean of facebook cases of utter perfection .

Complications don’t exist, this is the message .

And today i am here just to day that I have…I had …and I will, you’re not alone and because it’s feeling alone the worst thing I ve just an advice .


Is really COVID the enemy of our time?

I ‘ve lost somebody I knew these  days because of COVID , she was 45. Wife of a friend’s of mine, mother of 2 guys , 14 and 19 years old.

She was obese, definitely.

Since I knew her (since we were in our 20’s), she always carryed on 15-20 kg more than average , but in the last years she took several kg more..developing some general  health  diseases…

So I started reading between the relation between COVID and obesity, learning interesting  things.

I discovered that the countries where overweight prevalence exceeded 50% of the population was 10 times more than countries where people is leaner.

And this is not true just for COVID , data show that also for other similar flu viruses like H1NB or H3N2 the rate of hospitalization for overweight /obese people is between 6-7 up to 30-40 times more.

And I started thinking that we  are fighting the wrong enemy ….

Population all over the world is becoming a weak unhealthy population , that is the real problem we have to address.

We are becoming a weak population , physically…..but there is a worst thing..

We are becoming weak in our approach to problems.

We undervalue our body and its possibilities , escaping from any form of discomfort and pain.

Human body is the best definition of Antifragility.

Antifragility is  a wonderful concept covered in Nassim Taleb ’s book.

Being Antifragile doesn’t mean being robust or resilient ,As Taleb explains in his book, antifragility is fundamentally different from the concepts of resiliency (i.e. the ability to recover from failure) and robustness (that is, the ability to resist failure). 

If we expose our body to physical exercise , our body doesn’t simply resist , it will improve growing muscles, changing hormones , reinforcing tendons and joints . 

If we stress our body fasting for a while , it will become tougher . Fasting doesn’t weaken the body , quite the opposite….fasting improves the immune system ,  a reduction of cancer’s risk ,  a reduction of inflammatory markers, an improvement of the ability to control glicemia and many more…

We have developed for millions of years strengthening our immune system fighting with viruses and bacteria.

We have an amazing possibility to get stronger exposing ourselves to the outer world . 

Instead with the upcoming century we have learnt to escape…

Do you feel hot ? switch on air conditioning ..

Do you feel cold ? put on something or warm up the room…

Do you feel hunger? Eat something…

Do you have headache? take a pill..

In the desperate attempt to avoid discomfort we did weak choices becoming weaker and weaker …

And even now , during this pandemia period , what do we do ?

Weak choices …put mask , use disinfectants , avoid people , social distancing , manage anxiety with some antidepressants, frighten children  about playing in clean safe environment..

and what is the final outcome? weak get weaker…

The root of our problem is not really covid , that is the last drop on a full jar..

It’s Our style of life and our culture…

we have to embrace discomfort , to expose ourself , in our work we have to risk , to fail 

Failure itself is the bitter medicine to professional improvement ….the real one , beyond books and universities and face myths.

We are stronger than we think , yet most of the people don’t believe this…and this is the real disease we are affected from.

A mixture of hubris in our ability to master the world and weak choices.

Antifragility is a part of our nature.

But our choices are fragile.

Do yours.Now.

Ps. I routinely train 4/week , fast 24 hours every week , expose to ice cold water   , eat responsibly and avoid any kind of  pills.

< 16.5







OVERWEIGHT ex 90-100


CLASS I OBESITY (mild) ex 100kg


CLASS II OBESITY (average)es 115+

> 40


example 175 , 125+kg

It is obtained by dividing the weight in kg of the subject with the square of the height expressed in meters.