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Vertical preparations are not horizontal ones …yet most of dental technicians apply same concepts and techniques.

Vertical preparations have particular features regarding margin management, cervical thickness, seating during cementation and the hydraulic pressure generated by cementation.
With the introduction of monolithic zirconia or lithium disilicate the range of application of vertical preparation has increased hugely, but with these new materials all the previous unsolved problems, someway partially tolerated by metal ceramica, have exploded.

In this videocourse we cover how to solve all the typical problems of dental lab: hot o deliver a thin crown without a “fat shape “, without chipping margins, with a correct seating, correct contact points and correct height of occlusion.

This videocourse may be followed like a real manual with all the procedure explained step by step.


Zirconia work flow

Length: 75 minutesComplexity: Easy

from conventional impression to CAD CAM procedures digital workflow setting CAD parameters how to mill vertical borders finishing borders

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