Marco Maiolino:
a cure, an experience.


Efficient and productive dentistry have always been my focus in my life . Too many times we get lost around time consuming protocols, hard to apply in daily life . Too many times we praise ourselves for immediate results , while the long term outcome is the most important one.

In 2014 I cofounded the Tomorrow Tooth community , called the “other voice” of dentistry. 
Now the community  has  more than 70.000 colleagues interested in this approach all over the world.
A different approach , a different perspective for different results. .
In restorative much more  focus on the matrixing and profile than in fancy and useless anatomy and stain; in endo on the preservation of the dentin and the biomechanics of teeth believing in the endorestorative continuum; in prostho  on the long term outcome with the development of   a modern version of vertical preparation technique….I also love to write articles about a dentist’s life as  a doctor, a manager and entrepreneur and I love all topics related to cognitive problems , psychology and everything related to us as humans.