Here is a special invitation from "Tomorrow Tooth" co-founder Marco Maiolino to attend the exclusive meeting:

Escape The Dental Protocols Cage!

(recording of 13th Nov)

Tired of courses, books, lectures and study materials unsuitable to the REAL dentist daily routine?

JOIN “EDPC” and discover the new SINGLE "outside-the-box method" with which I have been treating flexibly, safely, healthier for the patient, and up to x3 times faster,

99% of my daily clinical cases for over 10 years!

Not only a Zoom meeting…

12 episodes of "Not the Stuff Books!"

(SHARED on “Productive Dentistry” Group):

The only show that teaches you how to treat complex (but common) clinical cases in the daily routine of a dentist… impossible to deal with the usual books, courses, lectures and protocols unsuitable to REALITY!

Free access to the "Productive Dentistry" Group:

Where you can ask me and other dentists in the community for help, without being judged or mocked (“self-celebration” is banned).


the recording online meeting where I will talk in detail about the single preparation that I have been using to treat 99% of my daily clinical cases for over 10 years and why I had to “escape the protocol cage” to discover it

Who is Marco Maiolino?

And What’s “EDPC”?

Efficient and productive dentistry have always been my focus in my life.

Too many times we get lost around time consuming protocols, hard to apply in daily life.

Too many times we praise ourselves for immediate results, while the long-term outcome is the most important one.

For this reason, over the years I have adopted a specific approach that could solve my dental problems first and foremost…

…only to discover that I was not the only one. In fact, there were (and are) many dentists sharing the same issues as me.

And that’s why in 2014 I co-founded the Tomorrow Tooth community, called the “other voice” of dentistry.

Now the community has more than 70,000 colleagues interested in this approach all over the world.

A different approach, a different perspective for different results.

And it is from this “philosophy” that the EDPC meeting, the NSB format and the new facebook group “Productive Dentistry” were born.

“Escape the dental protocols cage!” will be a Crash Course of everything we have discovered over the years.

You will discover how thinking “outside the box” has broken us out of the “protocols cage,” which makes many dentists feel incapable of handling certain clinical cases… when in fact they are not.

"EDPC" will be the meeting where you will finally understand how to become a "Free Dentist.”:


Free to move many steps outside the clinical appointment, where we have the time, and not in the mouth….


Free to manage emergence profiles on temporaries without having to change preparations….


Free to manage zeniths…


Simplicity in dental preparations ergo an elevation of daily quality in the standard of preparation, especially in difficult or space-constrained pieces…


Simplicity in impression taking…


Elimination of the undercut below the shoulder with less need for horizontal divarication…


Simplicity in provisionals…


Greater margins of maneuver in minor impression inaccuracies…


…and, in general, the near-certainty of being able to treat whatever patient comes to the office, in the best possible way.

You can sign up for free EDPC by clicking on the button below.

Once you sign up you will also receive the link to access the “Productive Dentistry” group, where you wil find the first 12 episodes of “Not the stuff of books”.

Find more info about the Fb group and NSB further below on this page.

Not the stuff of books!

The only show that teaches you how to treat complex (but common) clinical cases in the daily routine of a dentist...
impossible to deal with the usual books, courses, lectures and protocols unsuitable to REALITY!

In my book “Reality in Dentistry”, I told several anecdotes from my history, including about a very funny phrase often pronounced by my father:

“But that’s the stuff of books!”

That was the sentence my father said at almost every dental conference we attended over the years.

This phrase was obviously referring to the many study materials, protocols, clinical cases shown at conferences, courses, etc. INAPPROPRIATE to the real daily routine of a dentist.

A problem that has made me feel an extremely frustrated dentist for years–and one that plagues thousands of other dentists around the world.

I felt incapable for years–when in fact that was not the case at all.

But I had to step out of the “cage of protocols” to understand why.

As you may have guessed, the name “Not the stuff of books!” comes from my father’s quote.

The name is really very self-explanatory.

In each episode of NSB I will show you how I treat clinical and extra-clinical cases with a more precise approach that takes into account all those variables that are not found in protocols that follow “standard rules.”

Obviously NO conference or book stuff, perfect clinical cases or other documentation useful only for self-celebration…

…but ONLY clinical cases from the REAL daily routine of us dentists and how we can treat them optimally and with minimal invasiveness.

All NSB episodes will be posted in the “Productive Dentistry” group which you can access by subscribing to “Escape the dental protocols cage”

(you will find the link to access the group on the next page and in your confirmation email).

Productive Dentistry

The online community where you can ask me and other dentists in the community for help, without being judged or mocked ("self-celebration" is banned)

Productive Dentistry is my new study and discussion group about the real needs of a dentist in his/her daily routine.

The group come up with a distinct philosophy, which I explained in my book “Reality in Dentistry”:

It is a group that demands maximum transparency, absence of judgment/flame, and an exclusively PRO-ACTIVE attitude.

It is NOT a group for destructive people and those who only want to judge the mistakes of others.

That is why I ask you to…

Present yourself with your biggest failure or a recent complex case that is giving you a lot of problems.

Take your time, it is not mandatory to participate in the group, but…

If you have good documentation and trust my words, I would love it if you would share the spirit of this group right away.

As I told you, our group is NOT about making ourselves look good to others, but about growing together to make fewer and fewer mistakes, gain speed and give the best possible result to our patients.

This gives us peace of mind, satisfied clients, great work ethics and even a bigger profit.

If, on the other hand, for whatever reason you are not yet ready…

Just please abide by the rules I mentioned just now and introduce yourself at some point when you feel comfortable, and…

…enjoy the first 12 episodes of “Not The Stuff Of Books!” 

Studio Maiolino c/o Studio MEV S.r.l.
Via Matteo Beneventano del Bosco, 4
96100 Siracusa (SR)
P.iva: 01911780896

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