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“escape the dental protocols cage!”

Click below to join the "Productive Dentistry" group and start watching episodes of "Not The Stuff of Books" looking forward to On November 13, 2022!

IMPORTANT: Follow the instructions below to best enjoy the experience of "Escape The Dental Protocols Cage" (EDPC)

Check your email inbox! (Also Spam and promotions/social folder on gmail.) You will receive the link to attend the November 13 event at 7 p.m., an invitation to the “Productive Dentistry” group, notices for episodes of “Not The Stuff Of Books,” and many other interesting things. If you don’t get the first e-mail, write to

Save my e-mail in your contacts! To avoid missing future communications, I ask that you save my email in your contacts, or respond to the email with a question if you prefer (If interesting I might respond during “Not The Stuff Of Books”!)

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Enjoy “Escape the dental protocols cage”!

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