The co-founder of Tomorrow Tooth community, Marco Maiolino&VERTiLAB presents:


Try “VERTiCROWN•750”, the thinnest dental crown ever, crafted and send to your clinic by the precise and experienced hands of the "Michelangelo of Zirconia", Emanuele Tarascio

with a 5 Year warranty*

Your first crown to be made with ease, without worrying about the dental technician…
because we are your technicians… and much more!

Just enjoy the “Master in VERTiPREP3.0” included in “VERTiSTART”, learn how to do your first VERTiPREP3.0 with the batt bur (also included in the VERTiKIT) and finally… try your first VERTiCROWN750!

We are absolutely sure that you’ll never come back to other crowns… for this reason if in the next 5 years the VERTiCROWN will crack, we’ll do it another for you at NO COST AT ALL. But, trust me… it will never happen 😉

And this is valid TO ALL THE ORDER that you’ll made from now to the future. We always give you 5 years total warranty.

Give it a try!


The thinnest, strongest, reliable, biomechanically & aesthetically superlative dental crown ever made.

Safer & reliable

Till 50% less preparation than other techniques.

Diamond Toughness

Save till 100% of the dentine, the real bank of toughness.

100% Tooth structure restoration

Obtain a true almost “unbreakable tooth” thanks to the “perfect ferrule effect” of VERTiPREP3.0 and VERTiCROWN750 combined.


Forgets tedious, time-consuming and complicated indirect restoration or invasive crowns that are dangerous to the patient’s health in the long term.

“Beautiful well-done”

Thin like a ceramic veneer, strong and durable like Zirconia crown 1200… but aesthetically superlative like a Zirconia 450. Pure Italian excellence.

First-rate materials

All done with 1st class monolithic 750 Zirconia. Perfect in anterior and posterior cases. Extreme-toughness, superlative aesthetic.

5-year UNBREAKABLE Warranty

If in those 5 years any of our crowns should break... we will make you a new one at no cost to you. All paid for by us.
(But it won't happen 99%)

Emanuele Tarascio

The “Michelangelo of Zirconia”, creator of the VERTiCROWN•750

I know that when I say Emanuele is the “Michelangelo of Zirconia” it may sound like an exaggeration, but let’s put it this way.

What would you call the person who, right now, makes the strongest, durable, biomechanically perfect and aesthetically excellent zirconia dental crowns ever made?

Perhaps you would use the name of another sculptor, ceramicist, artist, prestigious craftsman from the past…but the gist doesn’t change:

Emanuele is an Italian excellence making a premium product that has no equal. And you, today, can try it without risk, thanks to our 5-year unbreakable warranty*

And, I assure you, if you value health, aesthetics, and your relationship with your patients above all else…you will NEVER go back


The first dental laboratory specialized in monolithic zirconia crowns, only for excellent vertical preparations

In VERTiPREP3.0, high communication between dentist and dental technician is required.

However, all this is not always possible, particularly for those who wish to at least test this approach.

Finding the right technician, giving him the correct directions, instructing him, while you have a clinic to run and patients to treat is not the best.

Not surprisingly, over the years I have received hundreds, if not thousands, of messages similar to this one:

“Marco, what you are doing is outstanding and I would like to try it too … but I don’t have a suitable technician or the time to train him.”

This has for years given me a deep sense of dissatisfaction, as well as displeasure with my colleagues.

Not having the opportunity to experience the strength of the thinnest, durable, biomechanically and aesthethic superlative zirconia crowns for the patient ever, because of this simple problem…is frustrating.

Hence, “VERTiLAB,” the first dental laboratory specializing in zirconia crowns for vertical preparation, was born.

VERTiLAB was born to give all dentists who have been following us for years the opportunity to try the best dental crowns ever created.

And not only that.

The aim of VERTiLAB is also to make VERTiCROWN750s known in the simplest and most practical way possible to all those dentists who practice “old-fashioned” vertical preparations

As already explained, to install VERTiCROWN-750s requires great cooperation between dentist and technician, which is not always possible or fast.

For this reason, many dentists who successfully practice vertical preparations still find themselves in 2 situations:


Reducing the tooth structure too much to make room for large, invasive zirconium crowns, with an high probability of compromising the tooth structure and a great risk of fracture for the tooth in the long run.


Applying long, complicated, tedious and extremely difficult indirect restoration.

Today, however, thanks to VERTiLAB, all dentists who wish to try a healthier alternative for the patient, with better esthetics, faster and easier clinical work can solve this problem thanks to VERTiPREP3.0 and the application of VERTiCROWN-750.

We are the only ones to produce VERTiCROWN750, the thinnest, strongest zirconia crowns for vertical preparation, with total respect for tooth biomechanics, ever created.

All curated by the mind and precise hands of the “Michelangelo of Zirconia” Emanuele Tarascio, who has been making ALL my crowns for years, which you can see in the hundreds of case studies posted on Tomorrow Tooth over the years.

Emanuele uses only the highest quality of Zirconia, type 750, to achieve maximum strength, excellent aesthetics and perfect biomechanics combined with VERTiPREP3.0.

At VERTiLAB We firmly believe in VERTICAL
for this reason we DON’T work with horizontal preparation at all.

The reasons for those in the “Tomorrow Tooth” community or those who have been following me for years are perhaps obvious.

Here are a number of sources to consult to understand our company policy:


The recordings of the online event “Escape The Dental Protocols Cage”, where you can a summary of these years of research.


My posts, clinical cases and documentations shared in the “Tomorrow Tooth” and “Productive Dentistry” communities, to delve into detail.


My online courses, which you can have access to included by purchasing “VERTiSTARTER”.

All you will need to do to try your first VERTiCROWN750 will be:


Learn the basics of VERTiPREP3.0 to properly prepare for the crown installation, trough “Master in VERTiPREP3.0” included in VERTiKIT.


Doing your first VERTiPREP3.0 using the Batt Bur included in the VERTiKIT that will arrive at your clinic after the purchase of VERTiSTARTER.


Take the impression (the correct way) and send it to VERTiLAB. (More on that in the VERTiLAB online course, included in VERTiSTARTER).


Wait for our go-ahead and implementation of the crown.


Install VERTiCROWN750 on the patient and enjoy the result!

I assure you… VERTiCROWN750 are the best dental crowns ever created to date.

And to prove it to you, we give you the Unbreakable 5-year warranty.

If in those 5 years the crown should break…we will make you a new one at no cost to you. All paid for by us.

You will no longer need to do huge crowns that are invasive to the patient’s health or tedious, time-consuming and pedantic indirect restoration….

With VERTiCROWN750 the patient’s tooth structure will remain stronger and tougher than ever, creating a “ferrule-effect” irreplicable by any other preparation or crown on the market.

All using the most flexible, safe and fast preparation on the market today:


Master in VERTiPREP3.0

The complete flexible and reliable protocol for everyday dental cases (and complex cases)

(included in VERTiSTARTER)

Tired of the dentistry book that finds itself unable to apply these concepts in daily clinical life?

This was the main driver of our choices … to develop reliable and predictable clinical protocols for the real day challenge.

In prosthetic dentistry the objective of the “vertical course” is to give you a complete overview of the technique of the vertical technique with all the tips and tricks necessary to obtain the best result.

The “vertical tooth protocol of tomorrow” is different from similar protocols.

Its foundation is based on a different drilling protocol with different cutters, a different approach to finish line placement and a different approach to manufacturing in the laboratory.

A technique that you can apply in 100% of your cases in your daily life.

Thanks to this Master you’re not only be able to try (and never come back!) the VERTiCROWN750

…but also to treat in a flexible, safe, healthier for the patient, and up to x3 times faster, 99% of daily clinical cases… as I personally do for over 10 years!

This will be your first step in VERTiPREP3.0 (maybe your first step in vertical preparation) and in the wonderful world of “The thinnest dental crown ever”.

Online course

The complete LAB protocol used by VERTiLAB and Emanuele Tarascio to create the VERTiCROWN750s, that perfectly fit with VERTiPREP3.0

(included in VERTiSTARTER)

As I say many times, it’s tough to find and train a technician for doing VERTiCROWN750s correctly.

This course can’t solve the problem itself, but it’s a good way to you for understand the dynamics of this “synergy” that you must have with VERTiLAB to receive the best crowns that you ever seen.

As you can see, vertical preparations are not horizontal ones… yet most of dental technicians apply same concepts and techniques.

Vertical preparations have particular features regarding margin management, cervical thickness, seating during cementation and the hydraulic pressure generated by cementation.

With the introduction of monolithic zirconia or lithium disilicate the range of application of vertical preparation has increased hugely, but with these new materials all the previous unsolved problems, someway partially tolerated by metal ceramica, have exploded.

In this videocourse we cover how to solve all the typical problems of dental lab: hot o deliver a thin crown without a “fat shape”, without chipping margins, with a correct seating, correct contact points and correct height of occlusion.


The essential VERTiPREP3.0 kit to try your first VC750. Only for shoulderless preparation.

(included in VERTiSTARTER)

This will be your first VERTiKIT!

You’ll can begin to use the Batt Bur and the protocol related that you find in the “Master in VP3.0”

If you already do vertical preparation, thanks to VP3.0, the Batt bur and the Batt bur protocol you can say goodbye to “Toe-heel” approach.

No more soft tissues damage and underliyng damage that will cause long term problems to you… but, but, above-all, to your patient.

You can discover why in the registration of “Escape The Dental Protocols Cage”.

No more “Toe-heel” approach


For 12 months you will get a preferential treatment to order your VERTiCROWN750 for only 199 euros apiece, instead of 245 euros

(included in VERTiSTARTER)

Bioclear Method

Online Course

The only online course in Europe dedicated to Bioclear technology, curated by European opinion leader Marco Maiolino

(included in VERTiSTARTER)

Bioclear was founded in 2007 by dentist and inventor Dr. David Clark with the goal of creating a new product system for a modern approach to restorative dentistry.

Dr.David Clark founded the Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry and has lectured for years on the problems he observed when using high factor magnification.

Bioclear Matrix offers the latest, state-of-the-art products and techniques that evolve from traditional preparations and matrix systems for anterior and posterior composites.

Dr. David Clark has changed the course of dental restorations by bringing a new dimension to aesthetics and function through cutting edge procedural advancements.

Bioclear Matrix is a metamorphosis in the dental industry offering more affordable options with superior results. “Our mission is to provide dentists with the tools and equipment to enable more durable, more versatile and aesthetically enhanced composite restorations.”

This course wil be the introduction in a new world of restorative dentistry, perfect to combine with VERTiLAB and VERTiPREP3.0.

It will be sold at 799 euros in the next months (it is in production. Expected release date February 2023)

What's included in VERTiSTARTER Online and Hands on:

Who is

Marco Maiolino

Studio Maiolino c/o Studio MEV S.r.l.
Via Matteo Beneventano del Bosco, 4
96100 Siracusa (SR)
P.iva: 01911780896

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